Making The Most of imagePerf™ - A Visually Striking Perforated Metal Medium

The imagePerf™ perforated metal sheet and accompanying systems from Metrix Group add a distinctly captivating visual detail to any architectural design. Developed in-house with our proprietary mapping software, imagePerf™ not only adds intrigue to the building envelope, it also provides the tried and tested durability, sun-shading and privacy that architects have come to expect from perforated metal.

ImagePerf™ is a digital imaging process used to perforate sheets of metal. We take a positive or inverted image and convert it into an offset print-ready plate. The software then applies the desired size hole pattern to the surface, creating a unique design. It can be scaled to any size and works best for larger projects where multiple holes are needed. The final touches are added manually by our design team working in collaboration with the client.

Customising imagePerf™

Background lighting and viewing distance play a crucial role in creating a perfect imagePerf™ execution. When working with the Metrix Group Design Studio an inverted image needs background lighting (artificial or natural), whereas a positive image relies entirely on a dark background. On the other hand, the optimal viewing distance depends on the hole size.  

We recommend contrasting light powdercoating on dark backdrops to achieve the correct imagePerf™ visibility. The reverse also works in this instance. The viewing distance might be specific to the majority of your traffic, IE a footpath for a building or a freeway for a bridge balustrade and the even hallway of an internal wall. 

The thickness of the perforated sheet metal also plays a crucial role. The size of the façade is almost unlimited and can be supported with a range of our fixing systems. All fixing systems can be modified for specific projects but we recommend you have a look at some of the projects utilising the DD600. The final critical factor in determining the thickness of the metal is the detail required for the image. You can see a range of our sheet sizes and substrates right here.

Our in-house Design Studio works closely with architects and designers to ensure that their design intent is realised. Together we create new ideas that challenge old stereotypes, redefine boundaries and push creativity forward to create timeless imagery for beautiful buildings.  

perforated metal sheet

Benefits of using Metrix Group Custom Perforated Metal

  • Architectural distinctiveness, locally manufactured, Australian compliance and testing are a few of the many distinguishing reasons to use Metrix Group’s perforated metal systems. In an environment that has been plagued with performance issues, transport delays and general value management – we’re looking to provide solutions.
  • We offer architects a unique way to customise exteriors and interiors with a range of ceiling tiles and artformEmboss™ patterns for walls. They come in various shapes, designs, and materials. The patterns and even products can also be combined to make a truly unique effect.
  • Whether it’s a simple accent piece or the hero element of your project, Metrix Group’s imagePerf™ provides unlimited possibilities. A session with the Design Studio will ensure you’ll get exactly what you’re looking for without compromising on quality.
  • Metrix Group offers architects and designers a cost-effective alternative to other materials. Adding classicPerf™ or 3Dartform™ in front of glazing will provide privacy and performance in form reduced solar transfer.
  • When it comes to modern design, we know that architects want to make a bold statement—and our imagePerf™ can deliver just that. It has all the privacy and light control of classicPerf™ with visual interest that serves as a thermal barrier against extreme weather conditions.
  • We highly recommend using aluminium for the exterior façades but we also offer Corten, galvanised and mild steel. Aluminium has incredible corrosion resistance, and because it does not rust easily, it requires less maintenance and/or short-term replacement. We find that corten or HW350 has an amazing effect in its rusted form and thin gauge mild steel is an excellent ceiling tile material and internal walling alternative.

Metrix Design Principles for Perforated Image Panels

Beyond the selection of raw, anodised or powdercoated finishes, there are few must-haves to make these executions pop.

  • Background – Either a controlled, purpose-built background or the consideration of naturally occurring elements
  • Coating Colour – Contrast matters
  • Fixing Systems – We have a range of systems that help keep unity in the image
  • Light Reflective Rating (LRV) – If the contrast is right, this can be a fantastic edition
  • Image Suitability – It’s going to be there for a long time
  • Picture Clarity – Think about the perforations per panel
  • Viewing Distance – Where are the majority of the public interacting with your façade

We’ve developed our own set of design guidelines based on experience and knowledge. They include essential information like background colour, image format, fixing method for cassette finish or panels.

Feel free to check out more on our imagePerf™ ( and discover more about perforated image panels.

Whether it’s a custom imagePerf™ scene or the continuity of our Galaxy Acoustic, our award-winning Design Studio are ready to hear how our expertise can assist your vision. 

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