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Metrix Group Picture Perforation Leaf Pattern
Metrix Group Image Perforation Leaf Pattern
Visually Stunning

The Metrix Group Image Perforation process results in high impact designs with almost limitless executions. Working alongside our in-house Design Studio, we’ll help bring your desired image to life in any size, shape, colour and form.

Image Perforation is created by punching different sized holes into metal panels to reflect the form and shading within an image. The detail in the perforated image is determined by the size and spacing of the holes (open area) in relation to the surface area.

Neil Armstrong Moon Landing
Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa
Close up of Mona Lisa Image Perforation

The process of Image Perforation can create a visually stunning architectural feature or become the basis of an entire design concept. It offers flexibility incorporating signage, logos and other unique project details.


Considering the following points will help to achieve the best outcome with perforated images:


The colour and texture behind the image can affect the clarity and viewability of the image. The Metrix Group Design Studio can help advise on the best combinations for your particular project

Coating Colour

When perforations fall into shadow, viewing can become less clear. A light coated colour provides the best contrast against a dark background.

Light Reflective Rating (LRV)

All colours have a light reflectivity rating (LRV). A light colour with an LRV of over 15 will normally provide a good contrast for Picture Perforation.

Fixing Systems

Consider the expanse and complexity of the image and couple it with an appropriate fixing method for fold finish or sheet type.

Image Suitability

Images need to be in a JPEG, TIF, GIF, or BMP format.

Picture Clarity

This will be determined by the quality of image that you are looking to use.

Viewing Distance

Each image has an optimum viewing distance where it becomes clearest. Speak to our Design Studio about calculating this result.
Picture Perforation Services Australia
Image Perforation Image is too close to viewer with poor choice of background
Picture Perforation Designs Australia
Image Perforation has better viewing distance and appropriate dark background

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