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The Metrix range of architectural perforated metal products combines strength, precision and functionality together with design creativity. Select from over 120 standard patterns or work with our design consultants to create a unique project specific pattern.

The Significance of Perforated Metal in Architectural Design

Perforated metal has evolved into a truly flexible building solution with an infinite palette of interior and exterior design choices at an equally flexible price point. The application options for perforated metal are almost limitless. Metrix Group has enjoyed a strong relationship with the architectural market focusing on commercial and residential projects that require:

  • External Cladding | Facade | Glazing Packages.
  • Internal Acoustic | Ceilings Packages.
  • Louvre | Sunshades Packages.
  • Handrail | Balustrade and Metalwork Packages.

Our perforated metal solutions provide architects and designers visual depth for sun screening, noise avoidance, ventilation and lightweight fencing. More recently, perforated metal has gained popularity with its connections to climate change initiatives.

Perforated Metal Architectural Designs
Architectural Perforated Metal Products

Attractive Modern Design

Perforated metal has a distinct, new-rhythmic aesthetic that can be used to complement any structure. It is an ideal material for achieving a precise look because of the almost infinite options of hole shapes, sizes, geometric designs, and finishes available.

Not only does perforated metal add aesthetic appeal to the building’s exterior but also helps residents to admire exterior views while preserving privacy. During the day it allows for a comfortable degree of natural illumination, reducing the amount of artificial light required while still deflecting heat.

Evenings allow for an added element of elegance and movement with back lit lighting. It’s a breathtaking conversion from stark to sleek.

Facades and walls are converted from flat and lifeless to dynamic and theatrical. Controlling the spatial orientation, shape rotation and varying form heights are just a few of the many elements Metrix specialises in altering to help dramatically enhance both interior and exterior environments.

Environmentally Friendly

The seven years from 2013 to 2019 are all among the top nine hottest years on record. Architects are continually being challenged to come up with new ways to address the problems that buildings and infrastructure face as a result of environmental concerns. With the challenging climate ranges in Australia, architects continue to research new solutions for eco-friendly, low-impact buildings and architectural perforated metal is undeniably part of the solution.

As a building product, perforated metal:

  • Prevents resource degradation
  • Facilitates recycling
  • Conserves resources
  • Controls indoor climate
  • Encourages creativity in terms of technical and artistic design.

Perforations by design further minimise the volume of metal required, resulting in less weight and lower fuel shipping costs to the construction site.

Provided the glazing is adequate, the use of perforated material not only acts as a screen, it can also help shape the requisite cooling to minimise energy usage which reduces emissions and corresponds with changing climate conditions.

Even without glazing, our perforated metal provides ventilation control and light spill management in a high-spec, elegant solution.

Perforated Metal Designs Services
Architectural Perforated Metal

Acoustic Performance

Modern buildings, especially those in busier commercial areas, face new challenges in noise reduction. A never-ending cacophony of background distraction can stifle productivity and enjoyment. Sound propagation can be obstructed by two mechanisms: a reflection of seismic waves by the facial surface and absorption of sound energy by the internal structure – converted it to thermal energy.

The acoustic impedance of perforated metal surfaces (and in this case, aluminium) and air, vary by many orders. The surface can represent the majority of sound energy if the latter is continuous, making a positive shield-like effect on the protected side for noise control.

Combined with our acoustic batts, our range of perforated ceiling tiles and walling systems consistently score NRC Ratings of *0.8-0.95, disperse unnecessary noise, providing an aesthetic finish with a sound managing element.

*Based on open areas of 50% on selected 3D Products

Metrix Group is the Leader in Architectural Perforated Metal

Metrix Group can help architects, designers, artists and contractors create the right perforated metal solution for their particular project. Whether your challenge is durability and functionality, aesthetics and acoustics or simply seeking an eco-friendly, efficient solution. The application potential for Metrix Group products are suitable for a full ranges of budgets and a wide spectrum of creative freedom.