Care & Maintenance

Metrix Group Care and Maintenance – Cleaning with a bucket and brush

Powder Coating & Care Maintenance

A lot of care is taken to complete your products, and they can look great for many years, as long as they are given an appropriate amount of care.

Care and Maintenance:

Dust, pollution, dirt, grime, salts and other residues all accumulate on a powder coated surfaces over time.

In order to protect your warranty, it is essential that the Metrix Group Care & Maintenance instructions be followed.

What you need:

  • A soft non-abrasive brush or soft cloth should be used. 
  • Warm water containing a pH neutral detergent or agent. 

There are 3 levels of Care & Maintenance:

Preventative Care

To avoid on-site damage, install products as late as possible in the building process.

Immediate Clean

If accidental splashing or spattering of foreign materials or their run-offs does occur, the powder coated surface should be;

  • Immediately wiped clean 
  • Rinsed thoroughly with copious amounts of clean water to remove all residues. 

Regular Cleaning schedule

  • Every 3-6 months, wash the powder coated products with warm water containing a pH neutral detergent or agent. 
  • After this process, rinse with copious amounts of clean water. 
  • Retain documentation to evidence cleaning. 


The environment in which the product is installed will determine the frequency of which the product needs to be cleaned, ranging from monthly to yearly.

Please refer to the table below for required cleaning intervals.

Powder coatings should be cleaned and maintained in accordance with their relative standards: AS3715‐2002 represents Powder‐Coating.

Essentially, the recommendations within these standards include:

1. *Regularly washing the finish with warm water containing a pH neutral; wetting agent or detergent. 

2. Use a non‐abrasive fibre brush or sponge 

3. Thoroughly rinse with copious amounts of clean water immediately after every cleaning process 

  • The above should be carried out during cooler temperatures and preferably in shade. 
  • However, if heavy soiling does occur, more regular cleaning is recommended. 
Environment *Minimum regular clean and check Interval
Non‐hazardous 12 months
Tropical climate 9 months
Swimming and Leisure Pools areas 6 months
Marine and Coastal areas 3 months
Industrial locations 3 months
Hazardous environments 1 months