3D Malus Sample – Light Spill, Ventilation and Acoustics

Performance and Beauty

Perforated metal is very popular in contemporary architecture due to the flexibility for creative and unique designs.  Given the products ability to control the passage or airflow, gas, liquids, light and heat; perforated metal provides several practical benefits well beyond the aesthetic elements including:


The porous and textured surface of perforated metal helps reduce sound levels and its acoustic performance helps mitigate the effects of noise in situations such as concert halls, highways, building sites and general heavy machinery areas.

Light Spill

Depending on the building’s location, solar irradiation (the power per unit area received from the sun in the form of electromagnetic radiation in the wavelength range of the measuring instrument) can be significantly decreased.


The metals used within Metrix Group’s material guide are recyclable, have a long usable life and require little to no maintenance.


Even as a design element, the permeable nature of perforated metal allows free movement of air, resulting energy savings on heating, cooling and ventilation.


Whether it’s inside or out, a perforated metal wall can create privacy without isolation. Absorbing noise while still allowing visibility of light and airflow is one of the many advantages of this product as a walling system.

Beyond the many industrial applications and filters, shields and guards – The wide range of Metrix Group products are generally used to:

  • Create a controlled internal environment.
  • Protect the building from external conditions.
  • Provide privacy and security.
  • Prevent the transmission of sound.
  • Provide thermal insulation.
  • Create an external facade.
  • Prevent the spread of fire.
  • Providing openings for access, daylight and ventilation.
Fire resistant
Building Code Compliant
Acoustic Performance
Australian Made

* Metrix Group Products have been tested for Fire Resistance and Non-combustibility to AS/NZS 1530.3-1999. The exact use and testing of products in fire-prone areas will be assessed at consultation on a project-by-project basis.

Adelaide Medical & Nursing School (Stair Balustrade)