Our Story

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Creative Flair, Functionality and Family

Metrix Group® are a Melbourne-based, Australian-owned and family-run manufacturer of architectural perforated metal products and systems. Innovation, quality and a focus on customer satisfaction have helped us climb to the pinnacle of our industry. With an in-house design studio and on-site manufacturing, we specialise in unique and inspirational cladding and screening solutions to light, sound, safety and thermal requirements.

Metrix Group® works closely with architects, builders, installers, and clients to pool their extensive experience and provide creative and functional solutions for a broad range of interior and exterior architectural applications. Combining creative flair with manufacturing expertise, Metrix Group’s® technologically advanced manufacturing facility has the ability to provide personalised recommendations on customised projects and efficient processing of large developments.

Manufacturing is in the family. Metrix Group® has been manufacturing in Melbourne for 20 years. And while the materials have diversified and product offerings focused – the experience of designing, testing and producing beautiful, functional, architectural systems has only grown in strength.

Nigel Morley – Financial Director (left) Kelvin Morley – Managing Director (right)
Metrix Group Perforated Metal Sheet Supplier

With a combined experience of 35 years in the manufacturing sector – and the foreverness as brothers, Kelvin and Nigel Morley have grown Metrix Group® into a well-respected, nation-wide business and an employer of choice.

Our products are made right here in Australia, direct from our factory in Melbourne – always have, always will be. We strive to support our community and act responsibly for the longevity and prosperity of our industry.

We look forward to the opportunity of building new partnerships and meeting new challenges in the near future. So, if you would like to talk about how Metrix Group® can assist in your next project, feel free to email one of our technical sales staff (sales@metrixgroup.com.au) or call us direct on 1300 792 493.