James Cook University Plaza Canopy – Townsville

Your Vision; Our Expertise.

Our mission is to inspire and influence modern architecture throughout Australia. Simply put, we love what we do. We live for product development, we’re passionate about research and development and we’re always looking for the next ‘WOW’ moment for our customers.

There are a lot of companies putting holes in metal; we design and manufacture bespoke, architectural perforated metal systems. Our process is one of collaboration; your vision and our expertise.

What Does That Look Like?


We create to excite, share to enthuse and inform to evoke action.


We nurture new ideas, encourage creativity and collaborate with our partners.


Unsurpassed service and outstanding products that are tested and desired.

Metrix Group Values

Honesty & Loyalty

Maintaining the truth in all business dialogues and transactions; with customers, suppliers, employees, management and advisors.


Follow directives and respect positions of authority, inside and outside our company.

Team Work

Working together to overcome the problems and challenges to achieve a common goal.


Making and keeping commitments for tasks and actions that we are responsible for.

Care & Respect

Contribute to a happy and caring environment that everyone feels safe, welcoming and supported regardless of status, race, or religion.



Solving challenges, stepping up and taking on tasks of our own volition.