James Cook University Plaza Canopy – Townsville

Your Vision; Our Expertise.

Our mission is to inspire and influence modern architecture throughout Australia. Simply put, we love what we do. We live for product development, we’re passionate about research and development and we’re always looking for the next ‘WOW’ moment for our customers.

There are a lot of companies putting holes in metal; we design and manufacture bespoke, architectural perforated metal systems. Our process is one of collaboration; your vision and our expertise.

What Does That Look Like?


We create to excite, share to enthuse and inform to evoke action.


We nurture new ideas, encourage creativity and collaborate with our partners.


Unsurpassed service and outstanding products that are tested and desired.

Metrix Group Values


We’ve created a support system for you. Beyond cultivating a safe atmosphere for our employees, we’re accountable for our external activities too; from sustainable business practices to supporting our local community.


We’ll be up front with you. We focus on full disclosure and transparency throughout our entire operation. From employee management to genuine customer guidance, we’re dedicated to the fair and accurate dissemination of information.


We’re looking to work with you. Our clients, architects and builders know what they want. By setting clear goals and partnering with our expertise, we want to help realise your vision.


We can provide assurances to you. We make it our business to know the specification, meet the building code and fit for purpose to protect the customer and the public. We offer peace of mind.


We are looking to wow you. Our company cultivates creative thinking and challenges our staff to find innovative, aesthetically pleasing and functional solutions that inspire the next generation of design.



We deliver quality products and outstanding service to you. We put a premium on results and rewards around the best ways to achieve them. Our products are distinctive and quality controlled; our services are tailored and ongoing.