Nigel Morley – Financial Director

Exact and Transparent

The experienced team at Metrix Group can advise on exactly the right types of perforated metal for your specific project needs from the design, application, engineering and finishing while ensuring it meets your budget and timeframe.

Pricing for large cladding projects can be confusing with initial costings often increasing through a range of avoidable mistakes. Our transparent consultation process helps identify key Inclusions necessary in the configuration of your project scope.

All of our products are made to order and quoted at sq/m rates.

With many designs to choose from, and the ability to custom-design particular requirements, Metrix Group’s vast range of options has you covered. Metrix Group guarantees a 24 – 48 hour response time to every enquiry. Be sure to fill out the information below and one of our team will be back with a quote and pricing estimate for your perforated metal project.

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