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Biophilic Design

Biophilic design is the practice of connecting people and the natural world of which people are part – within our built environments and communities. If we think about design as creatively solving the puzzle of look, feel and function, then biophilic design turns to nature for solutions. It is intuitive and fundamental to good design at every step, not an aesthetic trend or afterthought – it’s a way of thinking and working.

Biophilic design in the built environment is an expression of the relationship between nature, human biology and buildings. It requires a sensory approach to the act of design that considers what a place looks, smells and feels like over time. The holistic nature of biophilic design means that it is often implemented through a collaborative cross-disciplinary approach.

Buildings designed with biophilic design as a foundational philosophy are experienced, not just used. They allow humans to gain the benefits of living in spaces that foster a connection to nature.

Metrix Group’s new Pebbleston™ pattern showcases the company’s use of biophilic design principles in combining nature with the most widely specified perforation shape, the round hole.

This pattern has an illusionary effect. When viewed from a distance, the perforations look like a typical round hole pattern however, as the viewer draws closer the organic nature of the shape is revealed.

The Pebbleston™ pattern has been extensively developed and tested to assure architects and designers peace of mind when specifying. This fully engineered product meets the design requirements for Australian conditions.

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Random M8 Pebblestone™ in Dulux® Duratex Elements Stone Flat
60 Degree M8 – 11.4 Pebblestone™ - 53 % Open Area

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There’s no need for guess work, we’re happy to send you out your own copy of the limited edition Pebblestone™ Sample we’ve come to affectionately know as the “Burj Al Arab”. This sample features 3 new Colorbond® Colours from Dulux®, arrives flat packed and is assembled into a fantastic little desk caddy – that doubles as a phone holder 😊 BONUS!

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