Metrix Group’s 2D And 3D Perforated Metal Products

Metrix Group specialise in manufacturing a wide range of perforated metal products. Beyond that, we strive to influence and inspire modern architecture. These inspirational products include a wide variety of custom shaped, perforated metal sheets, cassettes, perforated metal façade systems, balustrades, ceiling tiles and so much more. Metrix Group can help bring your design intent to reality but 3D artform™ perforations will bring it to life. Varying form heights and custom shapes create dynamic light and shade for a rich, textural envelope.

Add to that the best quality materials, a range of powder coated finishes or cutting edge anodising and you’ll have a durable, engaging and functional design asset. While our unique, certified products set us apart, it’s our customer service that has secured our reputation as a trusted partner to architects, designers and builders alike.

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Customised Product. Customised Service.

Metrix Group provides architects, interior designers and builders with everything they need to create beautiful, bespoke projects.
Choose from over 120 pre-designed patterns or work directly with us to create a unique project-specific pattern.

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Perforated Metal for Architectural Design

Perforated metal panels can be used for practically anything because they’re so, well… practical.

From walls and ceilings to facades and balustrades, adding form and function is easy with Metrix Group perforated metal products.

Thanks to their flexibility, perforated metal is perfect for applications where aesthetics are key but function matters too. With offices in Perth and Melbourne and manufacturing right here in Australia, Metrix Group are ready to assist with your design challenges today.

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Elegant and Practical Solutions to Your Problems.

3D artformEmboss™ on walls, or 3D artform™ ceilings, privacy screens and window filters offer distinctive new-rhythmic aesthetics that can be used to compliment anything from textural interior design to bold, industrial architecture.

At Metrix Group provide a comprehensive range of perforated metal panels and fixing systems to suit interior and exterior executions. If you need a custom fixing system for your project, please feel free to book a design consultation.

With a Wide Range of Standard and Custom Products, We Bring Your Ideas to Life

2D Products

2D classicPerf™

Our standard Perforated Metal Range offers over 120 creative and precision manufactured designs at an affordable price.
This is where your journey of inspiration begins:
2D Products

2D Custom

Our Design Studio offers the ability for you to collaborate with our designers to create a customised pattern. 

We can help you create something unique if you don’t know what exactly you’re looking for. If you need a functional and dynamic configuration for lighting and airflow, our designers will be able to provide one. We specialise in creating perforated metal sheets and custom shapes designed specifically for your needs.

2D Products

2D decorPerf™

If you project calls for a less geometric or more free-flowing design, a custom decorative element will create an elegant solution. Sometimes, there are unsightly aspects of building that are necessary but can be screened. If your architectural project has a strong aesthetic component, consider connecting with our design team for a personalised look with our decorPerf™ range.

2D Products

2D imagePerf™

2D imagePerf™ is one of the most versatile and engaging products in our product line. Our in-house design studio creates the level of desired of detail to help turn your vision into a textural, show-stopping perforated image.  

Our proprietary software will help create unique images and shapes in any size, along with our recommendation for colour and orientation, based on optimal viewing distance. 

Image Perf - Perforate Metal Image
3D Products

3D artform™

The 3D artform™ product line provides flexibility, creativity, texture and functionality. These products include an array of shapes and varying form heights that can be used to create visual effects and illusions. Beyond beauty, 3D forms can help direct and filter light, control water run off while providing the expected conveniences of ventilation and privacy.

3D Products

3D artformEmboss™

3D artformEmboss is the newest addition to our growing portfolio of interior-designed products. It combines the flexibility of 2D patination with the depth, shadow and contour of a 3D outcome.

This is a truly versatile and highly customizable architectural system for a wide variety of different applications including interior walls, ceilings, facades and fences. 

3D artform™ Emboss  is a true testament to both 2D and 3D technologies and their potential to deliver beautiful finishes on an incredibly broad range of materials, shapes and sizes.

Your ideas, our expertise

We’re passionate about design, creativity and furthering our research and development.

At Metrix Group, our mission is to “inspire and influence” modern architecture. We know why we do what we do and it is that passion for our purpose that drives our leadership in this industry.

When you’re ready to create your next “wow” moment, we will be ready to hear how we can help.


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