ABN Group Headquarters - 3D Perforated Veil WA

The ABN Headquarters is a part of a wider precinct redevelopment by Hesperia with the aim of reinvigorating the heart of the Leederville town centre. It’s a mixed-use building with 5 floors of office and a multistorey carpark to the east. The carpark and crown of the building required both aesthetic and technical considerations for the ‘veil’ element which steered Hassell in the direction of the Metrix Group 3D artform perforated patterns. Working with local artist Tom Mùller also offered the inclusion of a back lit colour clock, integrated into the perforated aluminium 3D artform panels.

WATCH: 2 Minute Case Study Video featuring Yong Lee – Senior Associate Architect, Hassell

Yong Lee, Senior Associate Architect at Hassell had this to say on the building’s perforated screen, So one of the key considerations was how the design could mediate the contradicting character, scale, and materiality of the two, through a contextual ‘gateway’ building, one that speaks to and contributes to the evolving character of Leederville. Our design response was articulated into 3 key parts

The plant and 5th floor form the roofscape, which is recessive and setback to reduce the building’s perceived height from street.

Below this sits the body of the building which is formed from 2 interlocking parts. The upper, is a ‘veil’ of perforated, pleated metal panels that conceal the carpark and form a bookend to the taller context – crowning the building to the west and south.

We worked with local artist Tom Muller who weaved an art piece into the veil in the form of a ‘colour clock’ to gently illuminate and animate the building at night.

Once the concept and key design moves were established, we began to explore different material options for the building.  There were both aesthetic and technical considerations for the ‘veil’ element which steered us in the direction of perforated metal, specifically the Metrix Group 3D artform perforated patterns.

The 3D perforations afforded the depth, shadow and play of light which we were seeking for the crown of the building.

The 3D perforated metal also allowed us to achieve the 50% open area requirement of the carpark screen but screened the carpark during the day and night.

ABN Group

The Metrix Group Design Studio were involved from the early stages of the screen design. It was an iterative and collaborative process, from developing the pattern design in conjunction with Tom Muller, to ensuring the various technical requirements were met, to developing full scale prototypes to ensure the best possible project outcome. , Yong Lee – Hassell.

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Metrix Group 3D Disc from 3mm Aluminium

Pattern Code:
3D Disc


Anodisers WA
25 UM Quicksand


External Sunshades

Carpark Facade

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