Lights shadow camera action

In a small, cosy room, flooded with an abundance of natural light, deep, considered conversation and Intel Core I9 processors; lives the Metrix Group product development team.

Day in, day out, they experiment with bespoke shapes and lines, patterns and design, cuts, forms and punches.

But more often than not, it’s the study of light and shadow and their intrinsic connection to the notion of form and space that dominates the product team’s day.

In the quest to create solutions that are practical and beautiful, from our core process of perforating metal, we’ve seen amazing examples of ingenuity and innovation.

What we love about the Metrix Group perforated product range is their dynamic ability. As you move around these products, your perspective changes. The sun’s position in the sky hides and reveals more detail.

There is real theatre in these facades.
Have a look at our 3D Omni pattern stationary.

There is real theatre in these facades.
Have a look at our 3D Omni pattern stationary.

3D Malus artform
Now have a look at what happens as your eye moves and the day changes.

Your engagement with the building increases as you move around the facade. When used correctly, light helps shape the form of the building, distinguishing the architecture from day and night.

Now imagine it back lit, lit with multiple colours, intensities and directions. The combinations and permutations are only limited by experimentation and imagination.

Light travels in a straight line until it hits something. The path may be as short as a lamp switching on, or the thousands of years it takes for us to see the light from the stars of the milky way.
Whether your next project is short, long, shaded in challenge or lit up by progress, the Metrix Group Special Projects and Design Team can assist.

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