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    Reasons to choose Metrix Group over other companies who just put holes in metal.

    We’re family owned, and manufacture locally in Melbourne

    We have an in-house design studio to translate our products to your vision

    We have the industry’s best customer service and experienced consultants

    We have the largest range of patterns and products along with solutions for putting them on your building.

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    We’re not the cheapest – but we are the safest. So if you’re frustrated with on site delays, rework and reputational damage, talk to us about a real commitment to quality, price and delivery date.

    Industry leading range, research and continuing development.

    We’re constantly evolving, researching, developing and sharing our knowledge with our architects, designers, artists and builders. We know that somewhere between this page and a consultation with our Design Studio is a solution for your project.

    Our Product Range

    Specification of Perforated Metal

    Architectural perforated metal can be specified according to a number of different parameters. Perforated Metal specification includes:

    Metrix Group offers eight standard sheet sizes as below

    1800 X 1200 2400 X 1200 3000 X 1200 3600 X 1200
    1800 X 1500 2400 X 1500 3000 X 1500 3600 X 500

    We have over 120 pre-designed patterns in all shapes and sizes ready to choose from. We can assist with customised perforations if you don't find the style you're looking for in your architectural projects.

    • Standard Shapes (Round, Slot, Rectangle, Square, Triangle)
    • Decorative (Patterns and free flowing shapes)
    • Picture Perforation (Breathtaking images made up of perforations)
    • 3D artform (Formed and dynamic)
    • 3D embossed (Shapely and solid)

    As per your design and project requirements. At Metrix group, we can customise the perforation spacing based on how much of the open area clients need and how they wish to use it.

    Open areas can be as low as 5% (privacy) or as high as 75% (decoration and ventilation); however, the most common open area is around 50%. 

    As small as 1.5mm to as large as you like.

    The Metrix Group recommends powder coat finishes for all interior and exterior applications. We also offer mill finished and can consult on anodising.

    View Metrix Group’s care and maintenance instructions on our website here.

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    No need to take our word for it, hear what Architects, designers and contractors say about Metrix Group Perforated Metal Systems in these case study videos:


    We design, manufacture, supply and consult on beautiful, functional, architectural cladding solutions. All we need is your vision.

    Ipswich Grammar Feat. Towill Design

    Queen Elizabeth Hospital FT. Design INC

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    Innovation, quality and customer satisfaction are some key factors that set us apart from others.
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