Eight Reasons to Utilise Perforated Metal in your Architectural Projects

It creates, covers, connects, conserves and controls confinement when required. Perforated metal is a truly flexible asset for your architectural arsenal.

Beyond the obvious aesthetic attraction, perforated metal has a raft of functions and features that lend themselves to educational, commercial, hospitality, infrastructure and multi-storey residential buildings.

While perforated metal panels have been typically utilised in large commercial projects, we are seeing the greatest uptake in new formats including education and large residential construction. Durability, speed of installation and flexible coating options are a few of the leading features for the change in trend.

  1. Decorative and Customisable

    Perforated metal panels allow for customised hole size and shape (Open Area) pitch and patterns including large scale images. The best executions are on facades, balustrades, sun shading and privacy screens. Whether it’s interior or exterior, perforated panels create an effortless attraction.

  1. Light Spill

    Perforated metal panels are used to control light and ventilation within a specific space. Form heights and open area modification can completely flood, minimise or filter the path of sunlight while still allowing air to pass through. Some of the most practical and well-executed examples of this are in multi-storey car parks.

  1. Energy Saving

    Depending on open area or use of 3D forms, the panels are very useful for reflecting solar heat. By reducing the amount of heat entering the façade, perforated metal panels become cost-effective thermal buffers for controlling cooling within the building.  

  1. Privacy and Security

    They can provide a level of transparency and a sense of seclusion. Perforated panels provide the security of a fencing material but allow flexibility of visibility through patination. Allowances of light and air reduce the sense of feeling confined.

  1. Acoustic Properties

    Adjusting open area and air gaps provide great acoustic attenuation. With the addition of our 12mm acoustic bats, our 3D artformAcoustic™ perforated ceiling panels have been measured at NRC ratings between 0.45 and 0.85.

  1. Low Maintenance and Durable

    With correct finishing via a certified powder coater and installation of dissimilar metal protection, perforated panels are a durable and corrosion-resistant solution for your façade. 80% of our panels are punched using an aluminium substrate which has high corrosion resistance and a high strength to weight ratio. 3D Forming and angled cassettes also direct water run-off, prevent pigeon nesting and therefore reduce façade staining.

  1. Sustainable and Long-lasting

    Perforated metal substrates are 100% recyclable. Metrix Group work had to nest panels correctly within the sheets to reduce offcut wastage. The slugs (or perforation punchings) are collected and recycled. With correct fixing and finishing, perforated panels are designed to last for decades.

  1. Daytime and Night-time Attraction

    Light, shade and the movement of the sun through 2D and 3D perforations creates a dynamic daytime attraction. At night, built-in, back-lit coloured lighting or side-mounted flood lights reinvent the façade for a new attraction.

Perforated metal still has many product permutations to best utilise its strength, flexibility and sustainability. Design and finish allow perforated metal to create context as a viable material to join old-world charm to sleek, modern extensions.

Much of these advancements are due to collaboration and early partner involvement. Metrix Group are at the forefront of these innovative advancements and welcome the opportunity to collaborate.

With offices in Melbourne and Perth and manufacturing in Melbourne, our Australian-owned, family-run business is now offering design consultations to help take your design intent to production.

Our perforated metal products are code compliant, fire resistant and come with bespoke fixing systems. We specialise in customising your perforated panels to produce unique and visually-pleasing designs for your architectural needs.

Whether it’s a custom 3D artform™ screen or the infinity pattern of our Galaxy Acoustic™, our award-winning Design Studio are ready to hear how our expertise can assist your vision.

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