Architectural Sample Box

Welcome to your M-CUBE Architectural Sample Display.

The M-CUBE sample Display is a 3rd Generation In-Practice Architectural Display. It features a collection of 5 new examples of Metrix Group’s trademark 3D products including biophilic-inspired patterns along with depth and light-play. The panels are internally lit and connected using scaled down versions of our fixing systems and finished in 3mm aluminium.

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What's in the box

Face One: 3D Derby
Product: 3D artform®, Pebblestone®
Fixing System: TS1200
Coatings: Dulux Duratec Elements Weathered Steel + Stone

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Face One: 3D Disc M20
Product: 3D artform®
Fixing System: DD600
Coatings: Dulux® Electro New Copper Kinetic® Flat

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Face One: 3D Hive
Product: 3D artform®
Fixing System: SS3000
Coatings: Dulux® Electro Medium Bronze Kinetic® Flat

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Face One: 3D Piña Colada
Product: 3D artform®, classicPerf™
Fixing System: CF4000
Coatings: Dulux® Electro Gold Pearl Kinetic® Flat

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Face One: 3D Xenogamy
Product: 3D artform®, classicPerf™, 3D artformEmboss™
Fixing System: FF600
Coatings: Dulux® Duratec® Intensity® Juicy Lime Satin

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Box of Bits n Pieces
Featuring: Featuring the internal Lights, Burj Al Arab Sample, snacks, punchings and Manhari Metals Scrap stand.

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What are the

Punchings for?

There is a small selection of actual punchings from the production of the M-Cube included in you Box of Bits n Pieces.

Metrix Group have partnered with Mahari Metals to find the better ways to recycle and contribute to the circular economy.

You can find out more about Manahri Metals

How to Setup

Your M-Cube

Opening and staging your cube is simple. Any bench in the office, kitchen or sample area works nicely. All panels include information on the beautiful array of Dulux colours and finishes along with a miniaturised fixing system detail. You can scan the QR code on the sticker to learn more about these details. Don’t forget to pop your punchings on the Manhari Metals Scrap display. You can learn more about our recycling partnership by scanning the QR code.

Step by Step Guide

Slide the face of the Pina Colada panel up to unlock the inside of the box. Remove the bits and pieces pack and envelope from the M Cube.

Pick the M Cube up with two hands and place

Remove the contents of the bits & Pieces box and attach the lights to the roof of the box (Don’t forget to remove the battery protector)

Set up all your items including the mini sample and scrap display. Slide the Pina Colada Panel back on and you’re ready to take it for a spin.

Snap a photo of your set up and send it to Tiana for your $50 voucher tiana@metrixgroup.com.au or text 0430 455 060

Show Us Your Set Up!

Check out some of these great set ups from Architectural Practices around Australia! Make sure you send us your snap and we’ll not only give you a social shout out, we’ll send you a gift card for your trouble 🙂

How Do I

Get An M-Cube

If you didn’t get an M-Cube, Need another M-Cube, OR know someone who SHOULD have an M-Cube – reach out to Tiana, our Specification & Design Coordinator – she can help you 🙂

or text 0430 455 060

Thank You To Our Partners That Made The M-Cube Possible

For the beautiful array of
powder coat finished

For making the manufacture as
low impact as possible

For coating the M-Cube with
their Non-Chromate process

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